Financial Advisor 265

Build Personal Habits

Youth advisor program

The 5 year window I believe that the age from 13-18 is the window that Makes or break a kids future what influences them what they take in and when they are willing to listen the most and havent quite been hypnotize to the world and its misleading surroundings because schools dont teach kids about credit or money and these are the 2 most important things in they near future and there’s far to many kids do not have a fair start they find out about credit when they are young adults WHICH IS TOO late and they are new with money about time they are 18 that’s why I have created the 5 year window to have a parent sign them up and get a 10% discount from any purchases made with financial advisor 265 and I encourage all parents to take advantage of this program not only is it free for the teen 13-18 as long as they still in school it gives you that additional 10% off whatever package or program that you have purchased.

Adult advisor program

Helps individuals get a full understanding of being disciplined and change habits that are bad with being transparent with your goals to be financially stable I will give in debt proven methods of showing how the 30% rule of income will help you be on a path to financial freedom showing you step by step how to set yourself on a path to your goals that is solely based on your unique situation I will create you your on custom plan that fit you and your budget and lifestyle so your personal habits will be aligned with financial freedom and as well as your goals.